Harvey Trisdale

Small town living often lends itself to a slower and more deliberate lifestyle. For Evan Rasch, Carl Lehman and Tim Gruber, attending college in Ohio’s small village of Gambier proved to be a perfect setting for spontaneous, uninterrupted jam sessions. While the three initially began playing together for pure enjoyment, practice sessions gradually assumed a more focused tone. As the impromptu rehearsals took place, Harvey Trisdale was quietly working its way to the surface. The moniker, which was initially thought up as a fictitious alter-ego during a late night bender, soon found a home scribbled upon a name tag posted on Rasch and Lehman’s dorm room wall. Around the same time, Jeremy Stern became a part of the project following his enrollment at the college. His experience composing and performing in Connecticut fuzz pop outfit, Furnsss, provided further support to Harvey Trisdale’s evolving lineup. After juggling simultaneous involvement in both bands for over a year, Stern left Furnsss, allowing him to devote all creative energy on his new band. 

Within the first year of their existence, Harvey Trisdale exhausted their college’s tight knit music scene. After headlining some fifteen shows in addition to providing local support for bands such as Palm, Joy Again and Wolf Eyes; Gruber, Lehman and Rasch graduated feeling ready move the band outside of Ohio. Although geographically split with Stern in Ohio finishing his studies, Lehman and Rasch in Los Angeles and Gruber in New York, Harvey Trisdale’s bond has remained strong as they continue to write and record new material.
(Photo by Terry Gruber)