Miserable chillers

On a Sunday afternoon in early December, I caught up with Miguel Gallego over the phone. He had seen the success of a new focaccia recipe the day prior and informed me that today he was having a lazy morning reading up on the animal trials and oddities of medieval criminal justice systems. This choice of literary material came as no surprise. For Gallego, a seemingly boundless desire to explore culinary, mystical and medieval traditions subtly reveals itself throughout much of his creative practice.

A self-described bricoleur, Gallego's musical craftsmanship intricately pieces together elements of sophisti-pop, punk, ambient, jazz and alternative traditions. In 2014, Miserable chillers made their debut with the garage-y, lo-fi Bully's In Heaven. Following an array of pop-leaning releases under a variety of pseudonyms (Magic the Happening, Dicktations, Your Dream Coat), Miserable chillers continues to evolve and exist as Gallego’s primary outlet for experimentation.