Nuns Honey

Nuns Honey is the recording project of Tim Goodwin. Hailing from Southern California, Goodwin dove headfirst into New York’s indie music scene as a member of the new wave four piece, Gold Medal - a band formed with classmates while studying at Columbia University. Following the group’s dissolution shortly after the release of their 2017 EP, Personal Record, Goodwin moved downtown where he continues to write, record and produce.

Inspired by Roxy Music’s Avalon, among other “perfect” sounding art rock and sophisti-pop albums from the 80s, Nuns Honey seamlessly melds the triumphant, sometimes sentimental sensibilities of Goodwin’s musical past with other untapped influences. Bright, pop guitar arrangements nod to his California roots and commanding synthesizers and drum machines gesture towards the colder, darker sounds drawn from his present life in New York City. 

A year and a half after the release of Steep Action, Nuns Honey return with “Don’t Call It.” In line with the sonic palette introduced on their debut EP, “Don’t Call It” continues to hone the band’s synth-pop and new wave sensibilities while simultaneously showcasing Tim Goodwin’s seemingly effortless ability to craft minimal yet memorable arrangements. With a refreshingly stripped down sound, “Don’t Call It” shys away from big, glossy production techniques and thoughtfully refines the home-recording spirit at the core of Goodwin’s music making practice.
(Photo by Margaret Meehan)