You’re Sister

Our everyday lives are consumed by a range of emotions. For Queens-based Megan Braaten, channeling those innermost perhaps hidden feelings floating within the psyche lies at the core of her music-making practice. Utilizing a stream of consciousness approach to songwriting, Braaten lays mumbled vocal sounds upon a foundation of solid, hypnotic guitar phrases. From these abstract sketches, words begin to manifest. While some ideas slip through the cracks, the remaining songs seem to effortlessly blossom into deeply personal reflections on experiences stretching as far back as early childhood. Braaten, initially disconnected from her creations, notes, “It isn’t until months later, when I’m playing a song for a friend in my bedroom, where the tears start to flow and I have an ah-ha moment. I suddenly realize how the words reflect the exact moment the song was born. It’s quite a beautiful feeling.”

In 2013 Braaten uploaded one of her first melodies to the internet under the moniker You’re Sister. Met with positive encouragement, she wrote and collaborated with friends and musicians in Asheville until relocating to Queens, New York a year after graduating from college. In New York, Braaten’s bedroom transformed into a safe, quiet space where she re-recorded many of her favorite tracks written over the previous five years in North Carolina. Following three weeks of intensive, solo recording and producing in her home, Braaten assembled Keepsake. The album, as its name implies, possesses an incredible sense of warmth and vulnerability, pulling at the heartstrings and longing to be cherished.